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The sun keeps on shining

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When calculating heat loads in a building, you will find the need to calculate the solar heat gain factor for the windows.  This program does a fundamental calculation solar profile based on location and date to get the beam angle and the estimate of the solar radiation rate.

On the first page of the results, all of the angles are shown for each hour from sunrise to sunset.

Since solar calculations are strongly dependant on the date, it is important to be able to have flexible date entry.  The day number is selected from a special calendar where you can pick the cooling or heating season without having to enter a date.  You could enter the day number directly if needed.




widow shadows

The window is a special case of solar calculations.  The glass surface can be shaded from the solar beam by making a recess.

You will be able to calculate the sunlit area of a recessed window over the solar day.  The result is a list of 24 numbers that will be stored in the clipboard and ready for pasting in the RoomHeat computer program where it can be used to simulate the load on a 24 hour basis.