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Don't guess the heat loads

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room heat load main formThe RoomHeat program has been developed by TechniSolve Software with the design/supply contractor in mind.  We aim for easy input and a clear step by step process to the final result, plant selection.  You can work with average rates or go into design fundamentals when it is warranted.  All inputs have reasonable starting defaults and guide you to a good solution.


There are five main pages, each performing a specific function.

Room.  Allows you to specify the basic room parameters 

Network.  Defines links between the wall elements

Loads.  Allows you to create each on the internal heat loads

Chart.  Plots the room temperature and heat load profile

Plant.  Auto plant calculator

Each of these pages can be pulled away from of the main menu so that you can see various pages on the screen at the same time.

A great feature that you will not find in many other heat load calculators is the ability to see the temperature profile when there is no mechanical cooling.

What about using night time air to cool the structure?  No problem, add a ventilation fan and set the time schedule to run at night.  The program includes the thermal capacity of the structure so can accurately respond to the free night time cooling.