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The moist air state is the most fundamental

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I use this little program a lot.  That's why I wrote it as a simple popup window.  It stays on top of any running application that lets you do quick and accurate psychrometric calculations of a single moist air state.  You can save and load from disk but probably more useful is the ability to copy to the Windows clipboard.  This allows you to paste the results into your Word report or into your Excel spreadsheet.

moist air stateThe calculator tries to maintain a valid psychrometric as you edit values.  Clearly this is not always possible since you may change the wet bulb to a value greater than the dry bulb with the intention of changing the dry bulb next.  This is not a problem since the program will wait to see what you do next.  You will notice that the program always tries to use the last values that you entered.

For more advanced psychrometric calculations, see our DutyCalc and PsyChart programs.  These applications deal with complete processes and you will be pleased to see that internally they use the AirState tool, so you don't have to learn anything else.

The calculations are based on the latest psychrometric routines that can be found in the ASHRAE 2001 Fundamentals Handbook.  We have placed all these routines into a library that can even be used by you in your own Excel spreadsheets.  The real advantage of the library is that in all of our technical applications, you will find consistent results.  If. for any reason, we need to make a change to the calculation, we can do this simply by updating the library.  All of our programs that you may be using will automatically benefit from the revision.



Units, Metric or Imperial

If you don't like the units that I have selected, why not change them to suit yourself. 

metric or imperial units

Right-click on the unit and select from the list.  The program will automatically store your last unit setting for future use.  For countries still working with Imperial units, you will find this very helpful especially since you can use it as a conversion tool as well.



or, you can try my on-line air state calculator