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Don't have problems with the line pressure drops

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If you have ever installed a split DX unit, then you must have calculated the size of the refrigerant lines between the condensing unit and the fan coil unit.  If you oversize the line, your cost will be unnecessarily high but more importantly, you may find that the velocity is too low to return oil to the compressor.  Why have these problems when there is a computer program that does accurate line sizing with all of the new refrigerants?

Program Features

LineSize form

Quick refrigerant line size calculations.

Based on method used in ASHRAE Refrigeration Handbook.

Allows manual override to alternate selections.

Large refrigerant database, including R134a, 407c and 410a.

Generate customizable reports.

Uses actual condensing and evaporating temperatures.

Shows velocity, pressure drop and resultant saturated temperature drop.

Allows you to specify temperature drop limits.

Allows you to override calculations and see the consequence.

Includes metric and imperial units.

I have asked some installers how they currently size lines.  Many people seem to use lookup tables but I was surprised to hear that some people actually use the connection size on the condensing unit!  This program takes into account all the parameters effecting the pressure drop and selects a line based on your specified limiting temperature drop.  In addition, the program calculated the results of using the next smaller standard size for comparison.