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DuctNet is a program for sizing ducting.  There are options to use the equal friction method, the velocity method and the static regain method.  This program will size, price and produce a complete cutting list of the duct.

The design goes through a number of phases.  Initially, you load a background drawing.  This would typically be the  architects reflected ceiling plan.  Next you specify a theoretical grid and the program automatically generates diffusers to achieve the required air distribution.  Now you sketch the main duct run and link the diffusers.  Of course, you can drag the diffusers around and manually override to suit special design needs.  Now, the program can auto size the ducting to give the ideal air distribution.  Finally, you can manually fine tune the design and generate a price, cutting list and drawing.

The main result is the external static pressure of the primary fan that is needed to achieve the design airflow.  In addition, all of the duct dimensions will be calculated.

The program allows you to set practical sizes.  This would allow you to see the actual airflow distribution.

We make use of the ASHRAE duct fitting coefficients.  This gives a comprehensive fittings list than covers all of the duct fitting types that you may need.


Take a look at our general ventilation network for simulating general fluid networks.