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Air Handling Unit Selection Program

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

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The AirMaster company manufacturers fin & tube coils, fan-coil units and air-handling units.  To cater for the diverse requirements of the international market, AirMaster have developed a unique casing construction that allows for many configurations and component options.  As an example, you may want a vertical standing double skin casing with a front horizontal discharge.  This describes some of your requirements but as you go into more detail about the filter plenum, electric heater bank and humidifier section you start to realize the limitations of a simple paper catalog.

airmaster main formTo solve these problems and to provide you with the ability to design your own equipment solutions, AirMaster has commissioned the development of an air-handling unit selection program.  The program is called AirMaster AHU and was developed by TechniSolve Software.

When you start the program, you see the main form.  To reduce your data entry effort, the program automatically stores all the values you change and reuses these values the next time it starts up.  So, if you do a many similar selections, the program will magically appear to know what you want.  In the picture of the main form below, you will see that the program has started with a particular selection.  At this point, you could enter a new airflow and the selector will automatically find a suitable unit based on your selection criteria.

Of course, you are free to override the computer selection.  Our design philosophy here is that the designer is in charge of the design and must have freedom to manipulate any aspect outside of the normal rules.  We do however provide feedback when extreme selections are made.  As you change selections, the model number and the dimensions will update to the new values.

Selecting an air-handling unit is not like a choosing a standard water cooled chiller.  The customer usually will want specify all the items that go into the unit casing.


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